We offer live classes showing you how become financially independent investing in cryptocurrencies and stocks. New classes start every Sunday morning.
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New classes start every Sunday at 9 AM Central Time.

This class will take you from novice-to-pro in trading cryptocurrencies and stocks to build wealth. Class is only $350. Act today – class size is limited.

Veteran discounts and scholarships available. Please contact for more information.

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Why Listen to Me?

Hello my name Is Hurt Porter, CEO Of The Unbreakable Legacy. I’ve been there. I’ve gone from riches to rags, and that it was not easy to climb out of that hole. But I did and now I want to share this with you. I keep my cost low at for this class because I know where you are. Others are selling this same information between $500 to $1000.

You will learn how to get out of your situation and reach financial freedom.


Pay only $300 in Bitcoin

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Mission Statement

What We Strive For

We teach you all things cryptocurrency; but we don’t just teach you how to get rich, we teach you how to be rich so you may impact your families and communities in a positive way.

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Financial Education Course

4 two-hour live classes held on Sunday mornings at 9 AM Central

Curriculum Outline:

Week 1: Cryptocurrency

  • Understanding Cryptocurrency
  • How to set up a wallet
  • How to set up an exchange
  • How to buy cryptocurrency
  • How to change it back into money and put it back in your account

Week 2: Types of Cryptocurrencies

  • How to build the financial foundation within cryptocurrency
  • What are the five main coins to get
  • How to get the five main coins
  • How to set up a recurring deposits to purchase cryptocurrencies

Week 3: Trading Cryptocurrency

  • Learn how to trade different cryptocurrencies
  • How to add other cryptocurrencies to your portfolio

Week 4: Stocks & Trading

  • How to locate a good company
  • Learn trading options
  • Set up trading account
  • Practice trading options simulation app


What People Are Saying

“Life Changing Income”
“The Unbreakable Legacy class offers an additional stream of income. As many of us have realized in our adulthood, those of the black community and households. We must learn more in area of finance. If your working a job looking to increase your hourly pay, or an entrepreneur looking for another stream of income. The Unbreakable Legacy class introduced me to how to make money while I was usually sleep! It’s worth the time, the investment and mostly changed my mindset.”

Tiy Morgan - Teacher

“I am so grateful to have come across your options trading course. It was nothing less than favor. I appreciate you for sharing your knowledge, patience, availability and resources with me. Although the journey to financial freedom is mine to endure, coming across an opportunity to learn with you was/is forever priceless. I recommended your class to my friends and family cause I want them to have access to the same wings you gave me to fly! I’m about to soar!!!”

Tisa vann - Teacher

“Wow, after working with Hurt for two weeks I doubled my money. He taught me to not trade or invest with emotion. Instead, he trained me to trade with intelligence and trust what the market is telling me.”

Richard Webb - Business Owner

“Hurt Porter iii changed my life’s path. With his guidance I have gone from substance abuse & toxic relationships to numb & kill time, to a now internalized sense of self love & an actual feel for what success both is & can be for me. Prepare yourself for what you’re asking for. Every day I have to push myself through my own comfort zones and small visions. The work he will make you do isn’t glamorous, fun, or pretty, but it’s necessary.”

Terrell Woods - New Investor

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