About Hurt:

Hurt Porter III is the CEO and founder of The Unbreakable Legacy Inc, a financial education and emotional intelligence development training program. Hurt is a native Texan, a military veteran in his mid-forties. His mission is to simplify financial education and make it a universal concept to be understood and applied by anyone worldwide.  

Before Hurt’s entrepreneurship, he was a Combat Medic Veteran for the United States Marine Corps. He survived the war in Iraq and learned how to thrive through PTSD for ten years and other mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia. He went from being worth over a million dollars to have $100k in debt. During his quest to live in society again and to get out of debt, he learned a lot about money and investing. With dedication and hard work, he increased his net worth to over $300k. “It was one of the hardest journeys of my life; the war was easier,” said Hurt. He gained confidence and believed “It Only Gets Better From Here”, and created a program that will set the standard for financial education and training nationwide. 

In The Unbreakable Legacy Training Program, Hurt educates others on how to change their mindset with money so they can make informed financial decisions. Many of his clients were from word of mouth and customer success stories, such as coaching a man from being broke and homeless to having over $60k in crypto savings and starting his first business. He also taught a college student how to manage his income from financial aid, resulting in him doubling his money.  And Hurt’s most proud moment is raising his son and sending him off to his dream college. 

Hurt’s core values: Integrity, Transparency, Honesty, Empathy, and Commitment, are reflected in his training program. He demonstrates behaviors that ultimately help reinforce or change the mindset so people believe that you can build wealth despite any mental challenges.

Hurt Porter III, CEO of Unbreakable Legacy, Inc.